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Using the RWJF Grantmaking Online Application System

Below is some important information about the RWJF Grantmaking Online Application System. If your question is not listed, e-mail it to us.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's (RWJF) Grantmaking Online system is required to apply for all Substance Abuse Policy Research Program funding opportunities. The online system has a unique site for each funding round and each cycle, so be sure to link to the site for the particular grant opportunity of interest.

Click here to apply for projects under $100,000

Click here to apply for projects over $100,000 (alcohol and drug proposals only)

The Grantmaking Online system requires Internet Explorer version 5 or higher, or Netscape version 6.2 or higher.

When you enter the online system, you will be asked to create an applicant ID and password. If more than one team member will be working on your proposal application, please share your applicant ID and password with the other members of the team. The system permits only one person at a time to sign in and work on the proposal. You may save your work and return at another time before the submission deadline. You must use the same applicant ID and password to submit only one application. After submitting, you may return to the system to review or print your proposal, but you cannot make any changes.

You must create a new applicant ID and password for each unique proposal you submit.

Please note that the system will not allow you to upload a file larger than 15 MB.

If your grant proposal is selected for funding, your institution will need to prepare and sign hard-copy forms of the Request for Project Support and Conditions of Grant Form. You may be required to complete this form at the full proposal application stage, rather than at the funding stage. The form is available for you to view in the online system. Before submitting a brief or full proposal, you should ensure that you are internally authorized to submit the grant proposal and you should follow your institution's requirements.

In the Grantmaking Online system, there are templates, specific FAQs, a Quickstart Guide, and a Help Menu to assist you as you work.

If you have any difficulties with the Grantmaking Online system, please contact SAPRP.



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